Branzya Terms And User Agreement

User Agreement

  • All Customers of Branzya‘s basic services are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement.
  • The User Agreement is a legal contract between Branzya and the User that contains the rights, duties and obligations of Branzya and the User.

General Terms

  • All services provided by Branzya are used for legit purposes only.
  • We in Branzya are not only employees, we are Muslims who follow the teachings of the Islamic religion, we have the full right to reject any project that violates the sanctity of Islamic law.
  • Branzya does not provide any entity with any information about its customers unless it is an official government related agency in Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Purchasing a service from Branzya or benefiting from one of its services means that you agree to the terms here.
  • Branzya have the right to change or edit the terms of the agreement at any time without any responsibility, But will notify its current clients.

Clients Rights

  • We pledge to provide excellent technical support for your business. We believe in treating you and your business with dignity and kindness. We are thankful to earn your trust.
  • We pledge to deliver exemplary service, on-time and within your budget. You will receive complete satisfaction from the information technology and tech­nical services used by Branzya.
  • We pledge to recommend the correct options for accomplishing your goals. Our suggestions will exceed your expectations. All your questions will be answered.
  • We pledge to treat you with the utmost levels of courtesy, responsiveness, integrity, and respect. Branzya will strive for the highest levels of personal accountability, professional commitment, and employee empowerment as we interact with you and your staff.
  • We Pledge to deliver services on time to our customer.

Refund policy

The refund policy is subject to the following conditions:

  • If the full amount is paid before delivering the services.
  • Branzya does not offer any refunds for cancellations that occur after 14 days.
  • The amount due is not refunded if the customer is in breach of any of the terms and conditions agreed in the usage policy for the service provided.
  • The amount is only refunded based on a direct request from the customer, and by a written message from the customer’s email registered in our system, and after verifying the client personally via a phone call to the phone number registered in the system

Privacy Policy